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I'm so bored

with this site:
most of the poems are shite.
Too lazy too look for another boredom reliever
I will this site to change, and I'm a believer.
So come on guys bring back the fun and the art
yep you've guessed it, the rhyme I choose is fart.
This poem is awful I admit
but it beats some of the other shit.

17 Dec 06

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i agree with lines 7 and 8.  its too bad you're bored though, some of these poems are amazing.  its a crappy poem tho, nonetheless. and now i am going to hide behind an "unknown".
 — unknown

Let go.  Let God.
 — unknown

Let God! LOL
 — kronah_kcmg

lmfao ha ha ha ha ha omfg i love it!
 — unknown

"A bored poet is a boring poet."  Or so I've read.
 — unknown

it's not a poem. no problem.
 — mikebauer

this is HILARIOUS oh dear god you are so witty should we suck your dick now or later??
 — yourworries

I agree but yeah, it is a shitty poem. Very forced sounding like you're having writer's block.

~ Harlie
 — TheHarlequin

I want the 15 seconds you took from my life back.
 — stateofmind

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