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Winter Blossom

turpentine silk clings to the body -
illusion cast,
serpentine clothing coils to the floor -
sakura pink,
valentine child spins in the air -
tinted white,
palatine decoration flickers in soft light -
old season,
libertine hearts pulse and ache together -
deathless youth,
pristine flower cradles the dawn -
call the sun,
clarity stays for the duration
the blush is on your cheek.

11 Dec 06

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It's poems like this that make me realize I'm in a mediocre class of poets. This is the kind of writing that sets apart who is truly talented (the author of this poem) and who writes in spare time just as a hobby (me.) I wish I could describe things in this way. I think it's brilliant.
 — Andiam

thank you Andiam

your words are most kind
 — Mongrol

can you help me out with the turpentine silk and the palatine decoration?
I love l11-14.

 — unknown

the turpentine silk is more the colour of the silk - a dark reddish wood coloured brown - like varnished wood

palatine is related to a palace - like a grand garden in a palace
 — Mongrol

i think it's quite nice
 — unknown

thnk you unknown

 — Mongrol

slightly updated
 — Mongrol

i love this. no suggestions. oh, except maybe the title seems too plain for the poem.
 — inutile

thank you inutile :)
 — Mongrol

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