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Cold, cold... cold: I am sure that I have never been before, this very cold. As the impious snow consumes the vestal and righteous budding hearts of new flowers, so indeed it sacks my own red-hued and once vibrant vessel. And in this fashion, the ascension of the frost rapes the offspring of God-in-Heaven, and does so with an inkling of impending demise. So little after so much, but for my final time.
This fate I hope to remand: quit yourself from me, Shiva! I would have once been fain to repose myself in a song for sirens, yet your berth of ice holds no harp's allure. Cast off from me as I cast eyes skyward, to risk a gape into the inky firmament above, and pray glimpse the players on-high. I see them -- but why do they bear fangs and make menace at me?
They say to me: "If one by death is a-frightened / His grip then he must lighten / He will spy foul devils afoot / Whose goal be his life to duly uproot / Yet if one has made his peace / He grants himself sweet release / No more suffering from the dearth of dirt / Just a quick pull free from eternal Earth."
My devils have become angels; I have heavenly hellions hot on my heels. I know full-well that my time is run up, and in turn it has ran me down.  I have nary one more corner to turn before they are upon me -- so now you may tear me apart, dark-winged cherubs; molest, mar, maim, murder. Shape, shine, save... SHIMMER.

3 Dec 06

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well i liked it.
 — unknown

comments? questions? concerns?
 — brianuxo

 — unknown

not bad.
 — unknown

no srsly. comments, folks? yeah. i'm just refreshing this in the list. shameless, nameless.
 — brianuxo

I don't quite know what to say - this isn't being facetious - I really don't.
 — opal

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