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The dark waves sweep over him
As he sits on the dusty
carpet of hate and grief
A razor edge of light
gleams across his wrist
and a red river of grief
pours out
This story ends today
scattering among
the sands of time
like a necklace of pearls
carelessly broken
The light shivers and slithers
into a corner
scared of the luminous pain
sitting in the other corner
melting the whole room
It had to end one day
Today, the earth will turn red
crying itself to rust;
and the golden fields
will melt into brass
The stars cry all night
to wash his sins,
and still he stinks
of the dirt plastered
on him, and inside him.
He sits rotting away
Atoning for his sins

The title is taken from Ian Mc Ewan's brilliant novel.

1 Dec 06

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Nice, but really sad.
 — rainfall86

Nice, quite dark. Would you want to develop it further
 — unknown

nice.  I LOOOOOVE the book Atonement (and next summer a movie is coming out of it starring Kiera Knightley!!!) but I don't get how this is at all related to the poem.  It's a well written poem, but your footnote confuses me.
 — OwlGirl

The poem is not related to the book. I just like the title and thought Atonement would be apt.
 — pranav86

Nice..esp. lines 18-27
 — unknown

 — unknown

Very dark. The 4th stanza is particularly nice.

 — unknown

 — pranav86

Very dark and has a nice atmosphere around it. good.
 — vision440

 — pranav86

Any comments people?!
 — pranav86

 — listen