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Untitled #2

I remember when life was a child
   and her idea was,
I remember when failure was a game
   all new things,
I remember when the future
was less impulsive.
And dawn,
on her very first day.

28 Nov 06

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I remember when the futire
was the past
 — unknown

simply beautiful
 — jesusgun

Unknowns got a good memory.
Cheers Jesus.
 — philoanon

i really like lines 7-10.
i actually think that the poem would be better without line 3 and 6, they seem a little out of place... they are too punctual in their positioning for this poem. but nice job.
 — topop

i like everything but 'the' in line 5

the poem swings nicely
 — bettalpha

Thanks, i think your right about the "the" line 5 so i changed it. Thanks
 — philoanon

hey you should try this as Hokku:

dawn, her very first day
I remember, life was a child
her idea was flawless

I like it either way though, one more for the jewellery store.

Life is like the rings of a tree,
there are good years and bad years
but ultimately there is growth
 — SolCarloman

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