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future remembered

Memories persist in dream.
In tattered annals represent
the dreams of memory dreamt.
In scattered pattern, juxtaposed
on misty shelves, grey leaflets lean.
Memories persist in dream.
Once wistful missives are exposed.
We mean no longer what we meant;
the dreams of memory dreamt.
The lasting moments, ages, done;
not faded, nor by time redeemed.
Memories persist in dream.
Yesterday's tomorrow is gone;
yet slumbers on, 'til sleep has spent
the dreams of memory dreamt.
What was: a blur; what is: unseen.
Revisions linger, vague portend.
Memories persist in dream.
The dreams of memory dreamt.

26 Oct 06

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A tumble dryer comes to mind.

Like this.
L4 is "Inscattered" intentional?
 — Nerva

 — unknown

I have an image of an old, cherished notebook
hidden in my mind, and frequently read.
Maybe i'm also retarded
and very uninsightful.
Is that a word?
 — unknown

btw, when did u writhe this?
 — unknown

tue-nite/[email protected]
 — unknown

 — unknown

oh giggles,
you don't need any help
I'm sure you've got a title in that attic of yours.
 — jenakajoffer

I'm not sure what else to write other than I love it.
Random and wonderful.
 — Amandine

very well done.  i am a fan.  one of my favorit poems is ONE ART. by elizabeth bishop.  Do you know her work?  I love this form but have not been sucessful at it yet.  I noticed you comment on a sonnet or two.  If you get a chance, take a look at mine, i could use the CC.  peace to you.
 — digweed5112

i don't know
about poetry...
but consider your request fulfilled.
 — chuckles

forgot to rank it last time.
 — digweed5112

be honest.  i know its not a true sonnet because the 3rd set of lines(i dont know the proper term) has no change in feeling.  go ahead, let me know what is wrong, its the only way to get better, you know.  I have no formal education in the matter only know some rules just by reading other sonnets.  go for broke.  thanks.  peace to you.  
 — digweed5112

thank you for taking time to square me away.  i will take another look at what i can do to fit it in a true form.  though it will not be easy.  Have you had any luck with a  Sestina?  I posted one today, think i got the rules of it right, there a lot easier than a sonnet.  coffee.  if you have time.  Cant thank you enough for The last CC.  peace to you.
 — digweed5112

This poem does not call for a semicolon (;) at any place.
Semicolons are particularly rare, but you've used them as commas or period.
 — unknown

you might be right.

i'll remove them from 10 and 13;

i; think.
 — unknown

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