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Thought Process

It is a mental game of fun times, surrounded by a tin foil of bliss.

Someone never asked me,
how do you feel about love?
I never replied,
"it is the strongest emotion next to hatred."
Furrowed bro, this imagery,
mystical being, of a figment, of my imagination,
never clambered for an argument.
"Love is the most powerful emotion,"
they said,
"for hatred makes you want to destroy
someone's very life force, but...love
can actually cause you to destroy someone's soul."
I never laughed, this never taking place,
but I did never reply,
"I agree, I would kill for love."
Although never knowing love, and
never being lost in the haze
of emotional bombardments
I never remembered realizing this.
Never, ever, forever, will I know love?

22 Oct 03

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I love the way this is written.
Instead of an experience, I mean. The way 'never' is used makes it into something hypothetical. I love it.
 — unknown

Completely brilliant and.... I love it. The form, the word choice, the imagery is just great. I cant even think of anything else to say. I would love to read more from you, keep up the good work youre a great writer.
 — ShelbyS

wow!~ This is soo good!! There are really are no words to say.... wow!~
 — unknown

I personally thought this poem was shitty when I wrote it, but whatever floats you kids boats.
 — pissant5

thought process! what thought process. there's a typo in the second line!
 — unknown

one of the best poems i've read. ever. well done.
very porfessional.
very mature.
very unique.
very awesome. :D
 — Romanspring

i don't think that is an accurate portrayal of love, i'm sorry.

whilst it is only my opinion, i think jelousy is really what quite a lot of your poem is about, and that is wholly different from love; it may result from love working on a weak mind, but it is separate.
 — nicl