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Grandad's pockets, what a surprise.

Granny's pockets, bulging with
apples for you and for me.
Grandads pockets, bulging with
surprises for you and for me.
Granny's grave, decorated with
flowers from you and from me.
Grandad's grave, decorated with
broken bottles from you and from me.
When you sleep with children Grandad,
that means your heart is made of glass.

20 Oct 06

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I like the contrast you're trying to show and respect the point you're trying to make, but I feel you could really improve upon this. I don't think his heart was made of glass, that sounds fragile or delicate.

How about defiling his remains by mixing his ashes with cow manure? Or dumping them down a really stinky pit toilet, even though everyone else thinks they are somewhere else? Your little secret to get even for his little secret. No?
 — NeighborDi

you know...the undertaker will definitely take away those decorations on grandad's grave. that is unsafe, and unattractive. i do miss him so.
 — Henry

 — unknown

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