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I always wanted ...

4am, too tired to sleep.
Another glass of untouched wine,
another joint unsmoked.
We need a fourth for Bridge.
My legs and arms are looking good,
they always did heal well.
A shower drains some time away
the sun is rising o'er the hill.
(i always wanted to use o'er in a poem)
Another clichéd day begins.

14 Oct 06

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I love this.
 — tanamac

I like this because it's simple, gives food for thought, and leaves the cliches for fodder.  
 — unknown

Thanks tanamac and unknown, and unknown rater.
 — unknown

days arent happy liek this the glass is always empty and the joint is always burned to the end
 — DLBanksAWM12

I think it lacks excitement, or is that what your going for?
 — SenorSin

You should put a name with your work, unknown.

This is very, very good. I can find no problem, and it makes me happy to read.

 — teo_omega11

It's very lyrical and flows off the mind easily.  I like it whole.
 — Isabelle5

Thanks for the comment  teo_omega11, appreciated, as far as pseudonyms go i figure, whatsinaname?

Isabelle hi, i hope you've stopped picking on that coyote. :)
 — unknown