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To my dear friend

You’ve never really been the talkative type and yet
with you I’ve had my warmest conversations.
We’d lie down, head to head, in the sun, on the lakeside then,
when we were done, you’d walk with me
almost all the way home.
We liked to talk about art- you’d show me
the sketches you had made and I
would tell you about my poems.
  I loved it when you dropped by my house, unexpectedly,
  in the summer and teased me about how
  it got you a free dinner. Every time you were there you
  sat at the piano and played your latest prelude or fugue
  always getting better.
Sometimes, when we were playing monopoly-or some other game-
I started to see chrysanthemums in your eyes and when
we hurriedly hugged goodbye I wished
you’d have held me a little bit longer.
That was before the time you started
to talk to me about girls and other
matters of the heart as though
I knew more about it than you did.
It was before I had to weave warm words into your broken
heart-strings, before
you lent me your shoulder to cry on when
some jerk had hurt me.
I told you that you were great and that something wonderful was bound
to embrace you with open arms when the time was right.
You told me it was hardest when people
hid their feelings for each other in fear of breaking a friendship.
I felt so sad when I came home that night.

8 Oct 06

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I really like this poem, its very emotive... I can't think of anything negative to say!
 — unknown

Thanks alot for your comment!
 — sparrow

Infact, on reading it again, I decided to add it to my favourites list! First favourite poem!
 — dele

wow, thank you dele! What an honor, I'm glad you liked my poem!
 — unknown

i'm absolutely adding this to my favorites....it's perfect and i don't think there is anything to improve in any way...
 — Mirror

Thank you very much mirror! I'm flattered.
 — sparrow

Beautiful poem. Why did you indent lines 9-13? Just curious.
 — Kita

Thanks Kita!
I indented lines 9-13 to, in a way, underline the change of place and to show it's a bit like a flashback to the past...that part is kind of like a story for itself so I made it stand out a bit.
 — sparrow

no thank you for sharing this with me and at such a perfect time for me too
 — Mirror

it's nice to know that somewhere others are in a similar situation as well. thanks for your comment mirror!
 — sparrow

 — unknown

um ok unknown, maybe you can elaborate on the "..." next time.
 — sparrow

This is also an interesting piece of writing
 — unknown

Sparrow, your poetry has grown more romantic since the days of "Avery and April", and
"Pin-Cushion Heart", and "I'd do anything (to Make People think about Jesus)".  Are the cockroaches wearing top-hats and clicking their canes across your desk yet?  I did not realize you were so easy to find on the internet, after all these years, or I would have looked sooner.  -Magical Princess of Love (Jennifer)
 — whitetree

Dear Jennifer,
I'm so sorry, but it's not me you're talking about. Those poems are by another sparrow though (as I've written about April as well) us sparrows may use similar metaphors:-)
I'm sorry to disappoint you and I hope you, someday, find your sparrow out there.
 — sparrow

Very sweet and nice! Good going!
 — unknown

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