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her slips

she slipped through my fingers
i thought i had her
she slipped through my fingers
i thought i had her
she slipped through
my fingers so i thought
i had her
she slipped though
my fingers thought
i had her shes
lipped thro
ugh my fingers
i i thought i
i had had her
her slip in my
though my fingers i
though i had
through my fingers i think
i had her
had her

still trying to make something into Something (v5)

20 Oct 03

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sounds cool until you actually think about the words
 — unknown

this comment meant a lot. so i did a major edit.
 — gnormal

Why didn't you say so in the first place? This is an entirely different poem--altogether!!
 — unknown

how do you think of this stuff? its really unbelievable, your range of talent throughout your works. as usual, i am inspired, without any good criticism to offer.

 — unknown

You just gotta love that first comment. Mental note: not a comment I want on my work.
 — unknown

I love the creativity of the people on this site. This is a surprise.
 — Isabelle5

this is
new this
is new

 — unknown

If nothing, it IS creative!! Extra points for that.
 — unknown

Oooh man that's so fucking dangerous. That is a dangerous piece right there. I love how you can constantly write dangerous stuff. It's the feeling of "the egg on my face" with a limited palette of words. I love how you can constantly play with words and repetition of sounds. I can feel this in my spine.

Augh, this is so physical.
 — semaj

Oooh, nice experimenting... almost seems like a classical "form poem" like a villanelle or pantoum. For help learning new forms, check out the site called "Shadow Poetry" at http://shadowpoetry.com

 — aforbing

I can almost hear this poem as a song, over some radiohead type instrumental, and please, take that as a compliment.
 — dorzia

This is amazing.  I had to read it twice to catch what you had done with this piece.  Your changes were so subtle.  There is a form of music (can't remember right now the name of it) that does something like this...repeating basic lines over and over with extremely slight changes until the end is completely different from the beginning.  The narrative here is subtile and so well written that, even with so few words, it creates a definate feeling.  very good.  No criticism.
 — akiikii

i love you g
if i were a woman i'd want to have your
if i were a baby i'd want to have your
i want to have normal babies
i want to have a normal woman
i want to have
a normal woman's babies
baby me

 — unknown

her slips  
genius title

she slipped through my fingers  1
i thought i had her  2
she slipped through my fingers  3
i thought i had her  4
she slipped through  5
my fingers so i thought  6
i had her  7
she slipped though  8
my fingers thought  9
i had her shes  10
hmm okish just
lipped thro  11
very good
ugh my fingers  12
very very good good
i i thought i  13
not so good
i had had her  14
her slip in my  15
though my fingers i  16
not so good
though i had  17

through my fingers i think  18
i had her  19
had her  20
here  21
hmm yep yep good

that's what i think
i think.
 — kaleidazcope

more eyes
 — noodleman

Gee, Normal, you were even good way back when.  
 — Isabelle5

this is STUPID ~_~'
 — unknown

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