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Silicone Limerick

The destitute doc worked for hawkers
Peddling his wares to streetwalkers
Said the once-plastic surgeon
"My practice won't burgeon,
'cause I went to the school of hard knockers."

2 Oct 06

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Your metre is a bit off.
 — unknown

Ha. Cute.
 — trafalgore

ha! this is great. how did you come up with this idea, i wonder!
 — Catbox

Worth a smile.
 — gogo

i don't get it,
L5, what's a hard knocker?
and don't laff.
 — jenakajoffer

boy toys
 — unknown

This one doesn't even deserve a comment from Henry.
 — Henry

[Insert comment here]
 — Henry

why would that affect his practice?
 — unknown

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Hard knockers, Jen, as in silicone implants that got too much scar tissue around them and got stiff.
 — Isabelle5

heehee, this is a laugh!
 — themorrigan

Concrete Galway
 — unknown

why would that affect his practice???????
i tellu wut...
i'm a guy who likes women to be
soft- firm: okay
but soft...
 — chuckles

oh, I thought all breasts with implants were hard!
 — unknown

not true...
the better (read:more expensive)
ones can be veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrry
 — chuckles

really, and how would you know??
Intolerant (of more than bovine cultures) Queen
 — unknown

9 syllables 1st line
8 syllables 2nd line
7 syllables 3rd line
6 syllables 4th line
10 syllables 5th line

form fucked: not a limerick
 — unknown

is not- is so...
 — chuckles

see th' comment by unknown
after neighbordi's 2nd comment
on th'edgarallanandpoe poem
by henry for more on this...
 — chuckles

Ogden Nash would be proud of this one too!
 — starr

It's choppy-bad as it is.   Just running through it once and quickly,
here's -one of many ways- by which to make the rhythm neater:

Forget calling it a Limerick.
It's no more that than a triolet.

one way, better overall and in details:
Doc Destituter
works on mawkers,
selling services
to hag streetwalkers.

Says that disbarred plastic surgeon,
"Practice likely will not burgeon,
not in this school of hardened knockers."[/b]

This poem is no way deserving of "top rating" position,
not it its present form.

I give no rating here.  Let the fools float faulty poetry.
It shows off the "value" of the rating system here: zero
 — netskyIam

someone fucked around witht the ratings yesterday didnt you notice?
read animal crackers, it was top rated to.
 — unknown

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