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Gigantic tomatoes

Fucking gigantic tomatoes;
that was the feature presented.
They witnessed, commented.
Those witnessed
commented as well.


1 Aug 06

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you have to explain, please!
 — unknown

oh, but explaining a joke will kill the joke... i think it's pretty much the same for a poem.
 — aerol

besides, ambiguity is a part of the piece, i think.
 — aerol

Doesn't appeal, how can others appreciate something that is SO ambigious that the wit is lost on them? And it's through no fault of their own.
 — Kellie_Fern

I'm not seeing it.  I need to ketch up..
 — CervusWright

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?
 — Sodomize

Poems that begin with the dreaded F word tend to not get better later.  There isn't much to go on here, Poet.  Is this an inside joke?  
 — Isabelle5

not an inside joke.
 — aerol

This poem seems like an inside joke, which never makes sense to people looking on from the outside.
 — propoet50

are you talking about a chicks boobs?
 — unknown

sorry but this needs explanation because there is no hint to the context or anything, all these commentaters are not wrong.
 — bleach

2nd unknown, that's a stupid comment.
 — propoet50

Why is it a stupid comment?  It sounded like he was talking about nice tomato boobs to me.  Get a life you dumb bitch.
 — unknown

it'd be funny if it was about boobs, good too.
 — bleach

Either you are at a county fair, seeing gigantic tomatoes


you are watching a "feature" or a movie, and seeing gigantic tomatoes.

(these are the literal definitions, not the metaphorical extensions)

I believe in the former.

The contrast between "they" and "those" lacks development, of course you poem hinges upon such a contrast, and therefore, your poem falters.

There could be perhaps three beings, you, they, and those. But that connection is too underdeveloped. If you wish to look at differing realities between each of these three groups, you have to commit to finishing the job. You only placed importance on the "I" since that is the only opinion heard. If we are expected to believe that all three have said the same thing, "Fucking Gigantic tomatoes," your poem has little nuance, and therefore should "fucking die."
 — pra3torian

I still think it is about great big tomato boobs.  It is, isn't it?
 — unknown

if you don't explain your poem, people will not like it. you have people talking, but no ratings or real commentary yet.
 — unknown

This poem is obviously about gang banging a fat virgin.

You guys are idiots if you can't figure that out.

Read the first line:

Fucking (sex)
Gigantic (fat)
Tomatoes (broken hymen)
 — unknown

I see what you mean, But where do you get gang banging from?  What leads you to that?
 — unknown

I really gave this poem more thought than it deserved. Aerol, you shit, I am going to bulldoze your penis.
 — pra3torian

It's obviously a gang bang.

line 3:

They witnessed (watched), commented (high fived).
 — unknown

Still think it is about boobs people...
 — unknown

You think it's about boobs because you're an idiot.  It's a gang bang.
 — unknown

its not about gang bang! 5 and 6 wouldn't make sense then. If it is it sucks(its a given it sucks anyway at this stage), there is no sense of anything.
 — unknown

Look at you faggots, you are gang banging with yourself about shit. Here is a poem for you squirrel nuts:

Fucking fetid diarrhea slop
that was the feature evolved
They witnessed, commented

Pra3torian sees cock-gobblers.
Gobble Gobble.
 — pra3torian

To the unknown who says it's not a gang bang because of lines 4-5, do you think maybe it's a gang rape then?  They tossed fattie on a pool table?  And the last two lines refer to the police report?
 — unknown

hym, clever. However this whole thing sucks,. you could interpret any old words to mean anything.
 — unknown

Either way you slice this giant tomato, if it does not make sense to anyone but the author, it is not good to anyone but the author.

We should not have to guess it a poem is well written.  
 — Isabelle5

Whats red and invisible?

A tomato that isn't (or a poem that isn't.)
 — CrunchyWeta

To be a tomato, or not to be a tomato...

 — tRG

Sucks?  Are you kidding?  Pavarotti sucks.  Elton John sucks.  That chick from the simple life sucks.  This is great.
 — unknown

I don't really think this is a very good poem.
 — propoet50

it's nice to see so many witnessed and commented. this is actually the most comments a work of mine has ever gotten on this site.

i had always suspected praetorian was not an idiot. he has proved it here. in any way, old chap, i regret to inform you that my member is un-bulldozable. as regards to the text itself, there is no manifest 'I': gramatically, the enunciation is carried out impersonally. in any case, the enunciator is never mentioned.
 — aerol

A work of art.  

I enjoyed the subtlety of line 2.

I don't think that this has anything to do with sex, in spite of the comments above.
 — unknown

It's okay to be a red head.
 — Meep

Habsolute brilliantitudenes!

in my minds eye, i see conversations, and i hear presentations.
short sweetness.
 — onklcrispy

Hey, this poem is FREAKING AWESOME
 — unknown

This is decent.  It's fun, it's whimisical.  I give it a 7.
 — unknown

My dad grew huge tomatoes and i always had to make up appropriate responses
 — larrylark

This is a beautiful poem that touches me deeply.

I know of such a tomato with boobs, her name is Vegina and she is amazing. I found her in a search online.

I understand the meaning of this poem and so do I. To find something that you know you can never have is so tough.

We should all step back and exhale twice and then inhale sweet life like it was our last breath.

If only I could have her... but it cannot be. Jokers that criticize a tale from the heart need to get the TShirt.

If you are lonely as I search for tomato boobs or Vegina tomato and see why I am so sentimental about this poem.
 — unknown

absolutely retarded.
 — unknown

This is perhaps my favourite poem ever.  It makes me touch myself.
 — unknown

How did this piece of crap get commented on again?
 — propoet50

Aerol you're a fraking genius.
 — unknown

I think this may be about tomato porn.  Line 2.
 — unknown

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