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I here
the simple sound

29 Jul 06

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i here the sound of rating this as one
 — unknown

credit to st3ntorian
 — unknown

i here
the simple sound
 — unknown

people are so cruel.

this site isnt about flaming people, or at least i thought it wasnt.

you know, maybe if people could be a little more open minded instead of being the close minded assholes they really are they could take a look at this poem and say something like wow this poem is heartfelt
 — hemothymia

For a mantra, this works for me. There is profoundness in utter simplicity, and in these three short lines you capture that.
 — Kita

Perhaps you mean "I hear" in line 1?
 — Meredith

this site is about flaming rotten poetry.
I havent read anything bad about the author - just the stupid poem

Meredith: I think this poet used HERE purposely.  Trying to give this "poem" a double meaning.

but the author just made it twice as bad.
 — unknown

lI3K S0OoOooo De3PppP1!1!!!!1!1
 — pra3torian

simple sounds are not profound.
 — callingcard

the sound is I, not any sound.
the hear isn't hear it's here.
it's a mantra, it requires meditation.
it's meditative.

it's how i read it.
as such i'd cap the I gnormal?

 — unknown

Should that be I hear in line 1?  Not good.  Bad.
 — propoet50

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