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The black beast swallows the air of Lebanon.
it doesn’t speak.
it kills so people can’t speak.
and it screams,
at the living to remain silent.
it screams to destroy words before uttered.
so the living, the witness quiets.
so the witness weakness, forgets he’s the witness
and becomes a victim
of sick twisted liberty.
a tourist of psychology.
She said the sea looks blue. I remember the sea being blue.  
The black beast grows with death. its neck grows with violence, and its collar becomes the story. the story of another freedom and its opposite, Freedom.
as the dead disappear delivering silent testimonies.
On paper memories borrow from memories,
numbers, cities, justice by strategies,
a gibber of horror, to mask
the war of imprisoned heads.
She said our house is probably destroyed. I remember our house it was next to the lighthouse.

18 Jul 06

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Touching , sublime and honest.
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3 in 1 - good deal.
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I hover over Beirut
Preparing for an honor killing.
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