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Still Beneath the Hare

As told from a cynic.

You can stay in your shell, that’s fine.
You were slow anyway.
But luckily for you you can compensate
for ineptitude by increasing the magnitude
of your participation in ethical matters such
as whether a man that has committed murder
to his reputation should be executed on charges
of first degree
stupidity. Don’t sweat it. All you have to
do is sit in your little home and pound a gavel—
oh. Forgot your hands don’t have fingers. And of course
you don’t know how to grasp knowledge.
Perhaps it’s time for you to exit your shyness and do
something wild, even if it means destroying how people
identify you. Wildness can be a refreshing start.
You, dear friend, wouldn’t understand that. Though I do
advise that you revise yourself and at least come out
of the closet so that you can mentally capture or
at least attempt, to possess
gay joy, even if it is excessive.

17 Jul 06

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