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not exactly suicidal

On a bridge
or a roof
or a windowsill
with my toes resting
on air
and my feet firmly planted
I consider:
Should I jump?
Could I jump?
Push oh-so-gently
and fly for a moment
screaming to all the people,
“I can do it-
can you?”
I don’t want to die but
the view would be fantastic

16 Jul 06

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love it very serious question with a very humorus ending.
i love the last line.
awesome work
 — Cherish

I suggest you put a colon at the end of L7 and remove the one from L12 and replace it with a comma.  It would fit better and look nicer.

I love the poem itself.
As the previous comment stated, it's a serious topic with a not-so-serious way of putting it out there.

Good job.
 — fallinforyou

I don't like anything up until the last stanza. You pulled this poem out of the gutter.
 — lieskilllies

Yeah I agree with lieskilllies. The only good lines are the last two.
 — FenderBender

A nice stroll through an all-too-common reflection experienced by many.  Short, no bullshit.  I think this piece of writing is damn fine.  Good stuff.
 — CervusWright

nice humor.
 — listen