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Alien Peace

looking at my light bulb   its dusty astronaut helmet   my lack of luster   the worlds we saw apart      the happened    the unchanged    the embarrassment to wear our age              it has been awhile           our first time          i saw
seen            see   you       screamed
p e a c e (((VVVVV))  
i see  i see you      like a boy in love
hastily asked if you were mine         mine
my father fed me starship of smiles died pointing to stars            my mother       lathered my feet    with tears          lived
pointing to   our mines                    
and i walked      
                     with my alien    mud shoes                   stardust             faith       electric halo mind           speaking of you     as lover's       goodnight                                   today  
                                 my space is a suit of un   lit bulbs      
the Huh  
    the worse kind of war.

15 Jul 06

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you're trying too hard to be original.

it's not working.
 — unknown

I like the content and the images and metaphors. The format is a bit distracting.
L6-7 amazing , L11 seems out of place , unless you mean by it that no one cares about the war which makes the worst kind.
 — unknown

I'm fucked - my Words are Fucked - my style is Fucked - my country is Fucked -
this is my Fuck'n poetry - and you can go Fuck yourself. Is this original enough for you?

Here's an Epiphany that died in an afterthought

 — unknown

It's a little bit 'patti smith',

only gone very-wrong.

I don't understand.
 — weed

this is the bestest poem ever!!!
ehm- patti smith on nutmeg
 — crepaway