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fender rhodes

sitting side by side, leg to leg and arm to arm
playing Rhodes
with little codes
for painted pink hearts and shoulder blades
and little glittering stars on cheeks
long slender fingers
cavort and prance along a bend of keys
anche una lezione di pianoforte
a sacred kind of hammer, striking tines
in accord with conversation
makes a spark of meditiation
soon an elaborate flame
she tells you all her secrets
but won’t dare to play a tune
instead she does carefully (daintily in first draft) muse
azure thoughts to peruse
this is your life; I’m just an observer
maybe one day
I will embrace such fervor
la lezione di vita
forgive me for designating you as my priest
but the mutual confessions at the very least
made you feel so much closer
closer then the skin between us on this piano bench
we are reaching through the florid species
confiding deeper
when the delicate increases
struggling to measure the counterpoint
between your melody and mine
to find the perfect harmony
might take just too much time
in this polyphonic life
of contrapuntal reaction
we improvise and syncopate
to meet our satisfaction

11 Jul 06

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