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Dnt brng us 2d tst

R fdr,
hu rt n hvn,Holi bd nym,
D kngdm com,d wl b dn,
on ert as n hvn.
Gv us dz d r dly brd,
4gv dz hu cnd agnst us.
Dnt brng us 2d tst
bt dlvr s frm evl.Amn

found poem.   "here in the philippines" a good percentage of personal communication goes via sms.  they can say a lot in 160 characters.

18 Jun 06

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dis s 1 2:

D angl of d lrd,dclrd n2 mry.N she wz cncvd by d pwr of d hlsprit.Hl mry fl of grce,d lrd s wd u,blsd r u amngst wmn n blsd s d frut of d wmb jzuz.Holi mry mdr of gd pry 4us cnrz nw n d hr of dt.Amn
 — gnormal

 — unknown

thy kingdom come.
 — hank

I like the footnote.

 — unknown

don't bring us to the test?
 — hank

yeah. "lead us not into tempation."  
cute huh.
 — gnormal

 — unknown

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