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The Room of Forgotten Things

A stray beam enters the window,
As a child cries below.
Below the room of forgotten things
Forgotten lives, forgotten kings.
And the moonbeam strikes so carelessly,
A forgotten thing, crying, “Remember me!”
What is this, this crying thing?
That begs of us to remember,
That year of eternal November,
When no death was covered by snow.
But this is the room of forgotten things
And the child still cries below

15 Jun 06

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Is this about a child losing aparent?
or perhaps about lost childhood?

Its very interesting...I'm going to read it a few more time before I rate it though...
 — unknown

It could be anything that's in the past, in our room of forgotten things, but the point is we have to focus on the future, because the children are crying today. But you don't have to be limited by me, and I appreciate your comment.
 — Whiskeyjack

make that present**
 — Whiskeyjack

i know how you feel.  its beautiful...yet sad...sadness is usually beautiful...i wonder why that is.
 — loveart416

Not sure if the repetition of 'forgotten things' doesn't lose power after a while - also not sure if the images are strong enough to sustain the feeling behind the words. I'll read it again.
 — opal

It's hell when a stray piece of lumber crashes through a window and whacks a child. A random event, and one I doubt anyone would forget.
 — DianaTrees

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