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Imagine Shaving A Fish

At the first and last postmodern exhibition
I could not see 'Pure Black'
Nor get the measure of 'The Vacuum'
I could not explain 'Anything'
As I didn't know 'Everything'
I wasted some time on 'Prepost Redundancy'
'The Source Of Light In Dreams' mystified
And 'Anhedonia' numbed me
The moment I was aware of 'Perception'
It became 'A Memory'
The statue 'Vito Scotti Eating A Clown'
Left a funny taste in my mouth
After reading a manuscript 'Original Thought'
I sat in an uncaring chair
And imagined shaving a fish.

8 Jun 06

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I like it, lol.
 — unknown

Me too lol
 — unknown

 — lai

Love it.
 — redsky

terrific fun in a post modern sort of way
 — unknown

Thanks Lai, redsky and all the unknowns.
 — CrunchyWeta

Excellent. Ideas are thin on the ground in the art world these days and you don't necessarily have to be good,just a good self publicist.

Larry monkey paw Lark
 — larrylark

 — povertea

Thanks povertea. Larrylark, I think at the end of the day, the important thing is that you say you are an artist and then continue to live as an artist. Obviously a little craziness and a burning obsession helps. To gain recognition being a publicist would help, but recognition is not essential- look at van Gogh and his life. Its quite hard to quantify good in the art world! Thanks for your comments.
 — CrunchyWeta

the opposite of what she said.
 — unknown

You crack me up unknown!
 — unknown

Why do people post anonymously?
 — CrunchyWeta

 — unknown

People who rate a poem 1 then don't bother to leave a comment need to find a life.
 — CrunchyWeta

I'm a big fan of John Lennon too! Excellent.
 — unknown

I like it. Silly in a semi-sophistocated sort of way.
 — SteelAngel

This made me laugh! It's absurdly hilarious. I'm glad I didn't see the exhibition.
 — JustineCH

quirky and i found it choppy in some points but nonetheless nice work
 — lanezfairy

This is wonderful, I added it to my favorites.  I think that one form of genius is being able to comprehend a highly abstract form of intellect, but genious is bipolar and shaving a fish fits on the other end.  I don't really know how.  But I feel like this poem captured both ends.  Maybe it wasn't intented.  Maybe I'm just looking to deep for meaning in something that makes so much sense (this poem) but that doesn't go beyond just making so much sense.  Maybe I'm a little high.  Author, do tell.
 — tsackret

Fish shaving would be difficult wouldn't it? This is great. One of the better poems on this godforsaken website. 8/10
 — Henry

Shaving fish? scaling fish... unless its salmon.
 — tsackret

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