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smaller and smaller

those blind from birth
suddenly given sight
are amazed to see the light-
objects appear
smaller and smaller as they
get farther away.

4 Jun 06

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although small, i thoroughly (my spelling sux i apologize) enjoyed it
 — delusional

thanks.  thats what im after.
your spelling is fine when you are.
 — gnormal

Itneresting - but it just doesn't hit that philosophical spot for me.
There is a little something missing.
but its a 8 anyway
 — unknown

though i think i grasp what you mean (one can't ever be sure), I also think there is a little something missing, there isn't a necessary connection between blindness and seeing things smaller and smaller, it seems spontaneous. I would add a few more lines to explain this coorilation.
 — prosadeprisa

you 2 are right.  i got the twist, i just dont know what im twisting...
 — gnormal

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