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life-stripped of innocence

"You're young and idealistic, soon
the winds of time
will change that,
mark my word."
Oh I've heard it all too many times before,
and is it true? Do you
all speak the truth, you
wise women, wise woe men
sunken in grey words you
collected like shadows
of footsteps in the desert?
I don't want to speak in the recepie-book voice of youth,
described in "How to Understand Your Child/Young Adult, Volume III",
or something of the sort, but I can't help questionning
you- how can you tell me that
with time I'll have to wake
up, "smell the coffee", leave
my dream world and forget
my knightly quests, direct
my temperament towards a
worldly cause.
Not that I'm planning to dream
forever, I've just been wondering: even when
I'm all grown up and all
realistic, won't I smile the same
way I did when I was small
and won't my heart beat faster
dreaming of the fairy tales which
captured me before?
And what, effectively, is innocence, does one
lose it by learning the hard way
that not every guy smiles at you 'cause he means it,
or do we lose it with
our first tooth? our first kiss? our first...
physics assignment? or do we
keep it forever in our hearts and
feel it in that fragile moment, just before you fall
asleep and remember
what it feels like to capture
rays of sun and watch them
dance in the palm of your hand.

29 May 06

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"its not time to make a change
just sit back and take it easy
you're still young
thats your fault
there's so much you have to go through"

cat stevens sometime in the early 70's
 — unknown

thanks for the comment! I wrote it down...I've always liked cat stevens.
 — sparrow

any more comments or critiques, guys?
 — sparrow

nice work. nice idea. poem'ise it maybe a little more...

http://poetry.tetto.o rg/read/30308/
 — zazza

sorry, it's this one. not the previous link...
 — zazza

http://poetry.tetto.o rg/read/30219/
grrr.... this one!
 — zazza

thanks alot for your comment(s) and the link(s) :-) zazza!
i like your eye /i too

about poemising it more... my idea was to make stanzas poetic and more speech-like in turn. It's supposed to show the narrator's differently formulated thoughts, which also resembles the state of being torn between the "real" world and the "dream world".
 — sparrow

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