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Sudoku (Trois-par-Huit poem)

                          Boxes nine
               by nine, in cursed design
        nettle me, in columns and in rows,
   and as my likely options fail, my madness grows,
for nine nonets half filled with numbers, Heaven knows,
       conspire to thwart and tease with a clue
              and foil me through and through --

The Trois-par-Huit is a new made-up poetic form that I learned about on the message boards here. See http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/types.html (bottom of page) for a link to more information and examples.

28 May 06

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Thank you, L. This is lovely. I'm hoping to try one soon. Yours is more accomplished than any others I have seen. In terms of shape, do you think it matters that it isn't centered?

A 10, and a favourite.

 — borntodance

this is a genius poem - I like the way you manages to write a poem about su doku and kept a perfect form. This is truly awesome.
 — Rousseau

Actually, everything  but the first line is centered. I read your comment in the thread.
 — borntodance

Added a floating period at the very beginning so the first line would center.

Thanks for the kind rates! And now I have to get back to my sudoku puzzle... :-D
 — leukothea

Thanks for the pointer, L. If I ever get around to a *3 by 8*, that is what I will do. I find it staggering that you could execute this in so short a time. Ah, well; we all have our own paces. Lovely, lovely work.

 — unknown

 — listen

I like this - I like the way the  
I like this - I like the way the precision of the form echoes the precision of solving the sudoku - quite a memorable piece actually - the form isn't restricying the content at all.
 — opal

excuse me for the garbled nonsense above - that first line appeared out of nowhere, so ignore it and 'restricting' would look miles better.
 — opal

you use too many little sticks, Opal.  
 — unknown

 — opal

Call it what you like, it's still unprofessional.
 — unknown

 — opal

Clever :)
 — unknown

Thanks to listen, opal, and the Smiley-Faced-Leaving Unknown.

borndodance, in reference to the speed of the creation for this one: The form is very limiting, but it wrote half the poem all by itself. Once the theme had been decided, the first and last lines wrote themselves, and they mandated the rhymes for lines 2, 6 and 7 -- then it was just a matter of choosing strong rhymes for the other lines and counting syllables.

The true inspiration was the choice of subject matter, but if you could see what I've been doing this weekend, you would understand that there was no choice. When I close my eyes, I see dancing numbers in boxes. :-P
 — leukothea

line seven is more than six sylables.
 — SharpKnife

lol, I hate sudoku with a passion...dunno, just one of those things...

but i do like this poem alot. =P
 — unknown

I also hate sudoku and crosswords as well with a passion
and yet i love clickomania - what gives?
The poem was fun...
 — unknown

SharpKnife: Line 7 is ok -- there are only 6 syllables there. Unless one exaggerates the diphthong to incorrectly pronounce "foil" with two syllables (foy-ull) -- but the dictionary confirms it's a one-syllable word. (http://dic tionary.reference.com/search?q=foil)
 — leukothea

potatoe pototoe i guess
 — SharpKnife

nice poem.
 — unknown

Thanks for the comments, SharpKnife and various unknowns.

SharpKnife, sorry if I sounded too strident in my response. I just really love my diphthongs. And who wouldn't? They're dippy and thongy.

borntodance, I just learned how to create an indent on the first line of a poem -- you have to bold the initial spaces using the HTML tags [b] and [/b] (only using  instead of [ ] -- I can't post the HTML in this comment because it wouldn't show up!).
 — leukothea

 — unknown

A perfect poem.  Very well done.
 — Nathaniel

no offense taken, i dont even know what strident is. is it a brand of gum?
 — SharpKnife

Nice work!
 — batonball

hllllllllooooooo sum1 ought to teach me this stuff...
i LOVE it
SUdoku an the POem
 — nikitasarin

Good poem, and sudoku is good.  Sudoku, unlike poetry, is so ridged and methodical.  A bit ridged and methodical in this form, but it works nicely.  Nice fit.
 — scottrs