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The Four Buffett Lifestyle

For enjoying in Margaritaville!

I sit here in front of my lit CRT
Wondering what is to happen to me
So many dreams swirl in my head
It sometimes seems that I never left bed.
Some have their plans and various schemes
To put into action a few of these dreams.
Would that I could in a way that’s worthwhile
I’d spend me some time on a tropical isle.
I’d surround myself with tropical greenery
On a beach with grass-clad female scenery
I’d bask on the beach and show a wry smile
First there is Warren, a Buffett of note.
The donee of many a shareholder’s vote
The wizard of Omaha with bonds he did buy.
The source of the cash to book tickets and fly!
Then there is William, a mover and shaker
Who sets coastal dreams down on his artist paper.
His pastel visions of palms, village and harbor
Would make anyone flee from the likes of Ann Arbor
Of course there’d be Jimmy, the singer romancer,
Who flew to the islands in Hemisphere Dancer.
Wine, women, and song are his contribution
With swimming in surf as my kind of ablution.
The food for the feast on these isles southeast
Makes up the final part of the four
The lunch buffet, piled high on a tray
Ends the dream about asking for more.
So there they all are as I sit in the bar
And ponder my icy cold glass.
The dream of retirement, a saner requirement
Needs four Buffetts to do it.  Alas!

23 May 06

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