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strange thing

Life is a strange thing.
every day we walk, in circles,
build sand castles and dream
of an emerald palace.
every day we try
to forget how moments silently slip
from present to past, slip
through our fingers, how winds
will carry our castles away,
grain by grain, for good,
for good.
every day we try,
to be sensible and
sensitive to other's
every day we try,
to score points in empty baskets,
to collect things,
like knowledge and glances
from a pair of pretty eyes.
Why, do we do this, why
do we try, every day,
to make a whale out of a goldfish?
Why, do we try to walk, over water
and fire, why do we color
our faces, with masks to hide
our tears and kisses to make our hearts grow
out of proportion?
Life is a strange thing.

This poem is a question, maybe you can find an answer.

18 May 06

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oh, the dreaded use of the all encompassing we
but you don't speak for me.
i don't find life strange
or romantic

otherwise nice descriptions, well written
 — unknown

all poems are questions, and in answering we find a new way to read it.  Example: isn't the final line a question (Life is a strange thing.)?  How strange can it be if billions of humans live it and more than that of animal life do as well?  Isn't life the status quo?  Questioning life is the strange thing.  Questioning others lives is the stragnge thing.  Writing poetry is the strange thing (thanks for doing it though).
 — boromir4121

Thanks for your comments!
first to unknown: sorry about sounding "all encompassing"... "we" doesn't have to touch all though, only those who see themselves as a part of it, of the "we".

and boromir(who's one of my favorite characters btw): I really liked your comment, very poetic. The idea of life being the status quo is really interesting. and isn't it true that the "strange things" are the things we love and cherish most (including writing poetry:-)

 — unknown

what do you guys think about the goldfish in line23? does it match?
 — sparrow

holy shit excuse the language but i found myself relating all the way, most at the end. the footnote has so much point i can't believe it.
 — listen

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