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I could tell you about my latest artistic accomplishment,
but my art supplies have been packed away for nearly a year.
If I wanted to whisper secrets in your ear and make you laugh,
I would admit I haven't heard any news, haven't eavesdropped in a while.
I could tell you about the fascinating thing at work today,
but I still have my mind on other things.
The mother calls to me time and time again
and I forget there are things she has not made.
I forget there are things not of nature.
I get lost under trees and in wildflowers floating
on the side of every road,
gazing at landscapes in every yard.
I lose my hands in dirt knowing my body
will be submerged much deeper one day.
I have no name when dogwoods bloom
when my arms are full of poppies and lavendar clippings;
my hair becoming a nest of sweet daphne
and gladiolas and feverfew.
I have nothing to say to you
when I am so entranced.
I have no news for you.

7 May 06

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