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Harsh currents uplift this hate,
piloted by your anger and fear.
A practical acknowledgment,
while you feel a bit insecure.
Separating the outcome,
to finalize this agitation.
A splinter in our side,
eyes opened in sensation.
The problems slowly collide.
Focusing upon his saddened face.
An entitlement to surely embrace.
Into the problems we seem to chase,
down the road, I'll follow close.
Anytime I listen to what you say.
You point me in the wrong direction.
I want to see your smile break,
I need to see this world shake.
A groggy sight fastened to the night,
wallowing through with a fatal glimpse.
For if I could of offered you the cure,
this pain you feel wouldn't be severe.
Instead I chose to hide,
to keep it all inside.
Leaving you alone,
to find your way home.
Taken by your output on life,
I simply turn away, and close you off.
Shut these eyes, I won’t see no more.
You cried it out, as I shut the door.
Tell myself I can't see you anymore.
If it wasn’t for your mind I adore.
I question the feelings that pour.
Squelch my voice for your own to soar,
I gave you it all, but you still want more.
Now I leave you a simple grace.
As you comprehend this lonely place.
Not pleasuring to the soul.
I’m widened by your misery,
the eyes feed my contrary.
To decide on the path I choose,
To look past this filthy abuse.
Shuttering sounds come from inside,
I’m screaming but no one can hear.
I’m looking for my normality,
Lost in this loop of insanity.
Knees on the ground, a still pose.
Brightened by the images, they froze.
Captured and set aside,
another relapse suddenly arrived.
It’s coming back, I see it within.
And If I had the chance, I’d do it again.
Farther down in this hole of pain,
cries become harder to contain.
Your face vanishes along with mine,
and I realize we’re both one mind.
Neither one of us was pure,
we're broken to the extent of severe.
Damaged souls but we didn’t care,
together we make a perfect pair.

1 May 06

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