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Equinox Number 1 and 3

In the autumn you set ablaze
I found the spring, drenched
and I also found
those lovely
in betweens.

29 Apr 06

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Summer and winter are solstices (solsti?)...does that affect your title at all?
 — root

Not sure about that comma, but I love the poem!
 — BrokenWords

not really, seeing as the metaphors in use are equinox. but thanks anyway root.
thanks brokenwords.
 — jittery

killa shiznat.
 — unknown

I am pretty sure you missed my point?

The seasons go:

Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice.

Ergo, equinox 1 and 3 would represent the same day (either spring or autumn) if you are counting just equini [<-?] and not solti.

In other words, there are only 2 equinox per annum.  Dig?

Salient factor is that your title doesn't make a lot of sense.  

Then again, neither does the poem.  Prove me wrong?
 — root

lol well i guess your right
non of my poems make sense really
thats sort of the point of all of them, not many ppl get it, cuz they think its a stroke of brilliance when really this took me 2 seconds to make.
 — jittery

cool piece. nice use of equinox.
 — listen

If you self admit that there is no sense in your writing and that you dedicate practically no time to it, then why ask us to by posting here. Put the effort in and it will be returned.
 — unknown

i dont complain about the critiques i receive i just react to comments i receive in the way i wrote the poem. and that is just the nature of what i write:
its fast, its quick and it gets to the gut of what i am feeling or thinking.

i was only telling the truth, i am able to admit when i am wrong, though others may not see it that way. also, its my perogative to post/write whatever  i want, so id just like to say if its good its good if its bad its bad critique as that, not how much i care and i obviously feel what im writing, and care enough to post it so why not critique this non-sensical stuff?
essentially, isnt that what good poetry is?
 — jittery

p.s. thanks listen!
 — jittery

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