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Sulfuric acid
replaced your soul.
Your personality became colorless
except for red anger,
which covered you;
on days that you hurt, I cried
in the agony of my sleep, wishing
for just one break
from you. It would seem a
shame that you would always blame
me for your unhappiness, even though you knew
I made you happy.
You came back to me
in my nightmares, even after I had
long left your lair. You
smeared my eyes
with sulphur, and
I screamed in waking terror.

21 Apr 06

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he did that to me.
 — unknown

thanks unknown. i hope things improved if you're serious.
 — listen

lines  3- 5 niiiiiiiiiiiice.
lines 15- 17 scaryyyyy.
 — trochee