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and i'll sometime build you
a house of tin and timber
and i'll surround your picket fence
with ferns and yellow roses

a work in progress is the best work of all.

20 Apr 06

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err, it seems a little short.
i read it and thought -
where's the rest?
 — unknown

so did i.
and yet i was happy with that feeling.
 — rosemary

where this from. too short sounds like a quote.  nice imagary please expand
 — beastie

maybe it is a quote. maybe i said it.
i don't have to expand it; it's my poem.
i may elaborate; and the word is "imagery."
 — rosemary

keep going this version is
not where you should stop
 — unknown

that's why it's a work in progress.
 — rosemary

 — unknown

Its got no meat to it, just cartliage
 — unknown

If its a quote, then why isn't in quotation marks?
Not to much to imagine here. Its minimalist at best.
 — madderhatter

it's my quote, it doesn't require quotation marks.
 — rosemary

short but good.
 — unknown

does this have something to do with the town?
 — unknown

i'm sorry i don't know what amite means
could you explain?
 — bettalpha

amite is a small town in Louisiana.
 — rosemary

no punctuation?
 — unknown

cattle and cane much?
 — unknown

While this piece is very short, it is hardly lacking in poetic value.  It possesses both a sweetness and a profusion of imagery that appeals to the soul in a way that, though some complicated minds may demand more "meat", as it were, one can read this, having enjoyed it like one would a small cup of sweet tea, and go about their way with the distinct feeling of having been kissed.
 — Mithrandir

You've nothing but a start now. Get to it! 3/10
 — Henry

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