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Able Baker

creating my habits
i build my world.
steps out of this

It takes 21 days to create/break a habit.

20 Apr 06

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interesting piece!
I like line 3... very smooth.
 — sparrow

sorry, gnormal...not feeling this one.  I think that you could explore more ideas on the thoughts of creating or breaking habits.  I counted syllables, thinking you might be trying to toy with the concept of 21, but you're not at 21 syllables.  Hmm...short pieces are frustrating to me mostly.  They don't seem to explore enough.
 — unknown

i love how many ways this can be read and the word play.
 — unknown

clever and thoughtful. Fitting title. I like what you've done woth "myself" and "swirled." ( Is the footnote accurate? Aren't some habits almost instantaneously created?) Thank you. I enjoyed this lucid poem.
 — borntodance

This was interesting.  very clever, like myself-control. Great job
 — madderhatter

I love that quote at the end - I applied it to brushing my teeth at night and cleaning my face xD no joke! I love the play on "my self control" and "this world". I love the creation aspects, and the ways in which you can read this and the different meanings each time - with or without enjambment, or taking these line breaks as is.

Why the title? Is this about a baker? *slaps own head if it is*
 — wendz

there are two different reasons for the title which id be glad to point out, but not here in front of everyone!  one requires a short google.  the other is just adj. n.  
 — gnormal

Hm. Able Baker and in the start of something? Or the comic strip? I like the start of something. You amaze me, gnorm.
 — wendz

*as in
 — wendz

http://www.nasm.si.edu/galleries/ATTM/atmimages/99-15169 -5.f.jpg
 — unknown

question . Did "they" ask you to be a moderator
 — unknown

i think im a good choice,
but certainly not near the best.

how do you like my poem?
 — gnormal

This is very creative. I enjoyed it very much.
 — Maela

21 days, eh?
reminds me of an allusion to the menstrual cycle. (21 days, that is)
 — unknown

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