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A Heart That Would Cheat

You soaked up my sweet talk
And let it spill into conclusions
Only you saw as real.
To me you were just
A welcomed source
To ease my lonely days.
I had no mind to keep
A heart that would cheat.
My interest began to wane
When I saw keep me in your eyes.
The heat so hot between us
Began to cool and chill.
Our months of sweet affection
Had found a bitter end.
" I gave up everything for you!"
You weeped into my ears.
"I never asked you to!"
I shoved back in your face.
The truth of what I said
Made you crumble at my feet
As "Why?" came tumbling from your lips.
"Because I never thought you would."
Went hurling from my mouth.
"I thought you loved me."
You wept into the floor.
"I did!" I snapped into my roar.
"Until you broke your vows."
"I did it for you."
You moaned inside your growing pain.
But I would not be moved
Beacause I knew a cheater
Would always cheat again.

29 Aug 03

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I was confused by this. I think I see what the broken vow was. I love lines 2-3, 10. I am struck by the immaturity of this person being loved so much and the he/she tries to turn the tables by blaming the lover for the 'cheating' act of falling in love.
 — Isabelle5

 — unknown

Tut-tut. Don't be jealous.
 — Isabelle5


 — unknown

I'm glad u left him, i'm unsure of what he did but "i never asked you to" that's harsh
 — unknown

I really liked this poem....I have been through the same shyt that you had to endure....Its not the funnest thing to go through...I'm glad that you ended yours just like I ended mine....I myself have moved on and found a better more trusting person to be with....I hope you do the same.....Wonderful Poem.....
 — GoThIcSlUt69

If I was a diabetic, I'd go into a diabetic seizure. This was such a saccharine poem, that it was overwhelming. 5/10
 — Henry

I admire the raw emotion conveyed here. There are some faults with the line structure but its big plus is its vivid immediacy that hits the reader between the eyes.

Larry i did it for love Lark
 — larrylark

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