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Lovely Census

Rocks struck by pebbles-
I wish I could show you how splendid
was their fleet blonde hare!
A quail accompaniment rustled
over cool, sunlit deliberations.
If I could make the sounds
of their electromagnetic eccentricity,
the sweet-orange pheasant may
not have hover-flown away suddenly.
It was no mistake, a curious dragon,
his childish dog-like face surprised
behind me, pictured in low clouds.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex fought
a losing battle, culled backwards
as quick-flowing clouds displaced.
It balked at the great upheld trunk
of a stolid oncoming mammoth.
The earthen faeries of my sunset
wandered-chosen, cobblestone mound
flashed a bright otherworldy light
within their comfortable ground-
thanking me as I spontaneously paused,
(on their supra-conscious cue) ,
and looked back a moment walking down:
"We enjoyed observing the photography!"
Through a darkened parkway gully,
an owl screeched by low-patrolling!
I caught its sight like a valuable dream!
As I neared the end of the lower path,
I saw up above the private-fenced hill
a pictured mystical flight in moisture-
rich clouds: a handsome, bearded,
smiling old rider with a great wizard-
like staff accompanied that great owl!

3 Apr 06

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