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Never Could Get that Last String

Tuning my guitar
By ear
With a worn pick
Turning tuners with
s   l   o   w
Three brass
Lay the
For the
Melodic Master Plan
Of my guitar
Steel strings
Forebodingly thin
In tuning and appearance
If not tuned carefully
Cry the baleful ballade
Of wasted work
Due to
Insignificant effort
On the part of the
Would be
The last string
Find the right fret
It all comes down to this
Metronomic balance
Rests upon the fragile finality
Of the last string
Just a little tighter…
Still not there…
Just a little more…
Never could get that last string.

29 Mar 06

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My 'G' string is always the one that snaps on my guitar.  It's a shit, no doubt about it..
 — CervusWright

heh. G-string.


The high E must die.

I never use it anyway.
 — povertea

My A always snaps.
 — the_recluse

amen povertea

i'm mainly a drummer though
 — TheHarlequin

I've never had a guitar string snap on me. But once, when I was younger, I had the E string from my violin snap and pop my face. It hurt like hell.
 — wanderlusted

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