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As the crow flies

Days will go by,
I'll maintain myself
steadily swerving
as the crow flies,
landing a rock's throw away,
dandy's restraint,
patiently serving,
refusal to die.

24 Mar 06

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thats right, im immortal. there can be only one.
 — TheO1dCrow

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As the crow flies  

days will go by,  1
i'll maintain myself  2
steadily swerving  3
as the crow flies,  4
landing a rock's  5
throw away, dandy's  6
restraint,  7
patiently serving,  8
refusal to die.  9

24 Mar 06

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thats right, im immortal. there can be only one.
– TheO1dCrow

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 — Rousseau

woops didnt mean to do that, lol.
 — Rousseau

I liked some of the ideas behind this - not sure what it's about though - unless of course its about o1dcrow. *(jees, i should really plan what I'm going to say before i say it, and not highlight everything)
 — Rousseau

no shit its about me russo, dont make go all in depth analysis on your ass.  cuz ill do it, im not fucking around, ill explain every line and show you what it means. is that what you want? huh?!? punk!?! IS IT!!?
 — TheO1dCrow

haha - i wouldn't want that. That would spoil it. ah crow, you slay me.
 — Rousseau

slight edit.
 — aerol

worthless poems about worthless people.

ram for breakfast.
 — bologna

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