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sty soles, hooker shoes, red eyes.

we do denial Well.
with our words of mouth
and desert skin; April a cheek away.
we carve tree bones, rot holes,
into flowered echoes.  
we dwell with smallest
of creatures, insect-ed
i’s .
we do denial Well
from your clay to our river
beneath the resurrect,
my lover and I, kiss
amber shadow skies.  
o’ we do denial Well.

23 Mar 06

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beautiful surprises in this poem, which is like a treasure trove. Isn't April supposed to be the cruelest month?

 — borntodance

I like this - especially the title, it is so good, I saw it and almost had no choice but to read it!  Although I understand the motive, I did not like the capitalization of the word Well.  But, I loved the entire first stanza, lines 5 and 6, and the last line.  I like the peice's vibe (which your word choice provided), too.  Well done!
 — WordsAndMe

thanks wordsanme let me ponder the capitalization.

Grace yes :) but she is sexy too.

 — unknown

I can not deny that this poem writen Well.
 — unknown

i like your poem. i love line 3-5.
 — bettalpha

please don't blush or stutter cp, but I think you're an amazing poet. You're forever experimenting in the most interesting of ways.

 — unknown

Try to have your writing make sense.
 — unknown


Grace    0o___o0 ttthaankkk you for caring.

unknown - bite me.  
 — unknown

 — unknown

is this the denial well
that flows beneath
my toes when i read
eliot going mad?

you verb a noun and adjective a prep
osition like no other poet ive read
and ive read a lot

you twist the language in beautiful nots
and your phrases are just as good both ways
only better the second time

beneath the ressurect is divine

the whole thing is rich as a vagabonds shitty unwashed pants! (10)
 — noodleman

Hard to make any sense out of this one
 — larrylark

The title of this poem is great - I've commented and rated long ado, but I still find myself clicking the title link because I simply cannot ignore it! :)
 — WordsAndMe

um..............what does that have to do with shoes??????????????????/
 — unknown

beautiful. "we do denial Well" by far my favorite line...amazing how you manipulate the language that we chose to use in such an orderly fashion. and then here you come with new ways to speak the language we all thought we knew how to speak so well. ur talented cp
 — unknown

i love how that reads, "we do denial Well", the mouth shapes that form are very sensual

but what are rot holes? or do we rot holes? this makes me feel like an insect.
 — crocophant