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day break, a moment

Beneath the endless arcs of bare, black branches
lining a lakeside promenade,
where shadows fade into slivers of silhouettes
and dawn-like mists;
whisper into the silence:"Spring is coming."

18 Mar 06

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wow! what an image.
incredible write sparrow.
 — unknown

Active voice, common imagery, sounds in the silences, shared emotion--  Bravo!
 — mcverse

thanks so much for your comments!
 — sparrow

this is breathtaking and captivating i quite enjoyed the read. the images that this conjures, are clear and crisp. the flow is quite good too. it makes me crave for more! maybe there will be a poem about the summer soon? lol.
overall, a great read that i will enjoy again and again.
 — SweetPain

That's just fine.
 — netskyIam

i just read this aloud.
 — ileviyou

I just realised that I haven't thanked you guys for your comments yet so here it is: thank you very much!
 — sparrow

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