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ODE to Kitty(sequel to “I could have sworn she called me a bitch”)

Alright, you just listen here.
I have been putting up with
your shenanigans for too long.
You get back here right now
before I have to.. Don’t you
Look at me like that…
Kitty, wait. Where are you
going? Kitty… Don’t go outside
kitty you don’t know what’s
out there, kitty No!!!
Kitty, if you don’t get back inside
right now I am going to beat you
to a raging pulp. No I wouldn't but...
SHUT UP KITTY! If you call me
A bitch one more time I swear I
Will throw you in that road myself!
What are you doing?
No, don’t go in the road, don’t,
I was just playing. Okay just come
No, NO….. Oh my god,  Spike?
No no no no no no no no no no
This can’t be ….. get up, GET UP!

18 Mar 06

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 — unknown

What troubles you unknown? You do not understand the poem?
 — Him

I must confess; I don't understand it either. I will revisit shortly, after an extra strong espresso

 — unknown

well read one of my earlier poems "i could have sworn she called me a bitch" and then re read this one.. and see how it goes.
 — Him

I'm still perplexed. Were you trying to be playful or merely gruesome?
 — borntodance

Well if you read the first one, you will tell that me arguing with my kitty is usual and I will say obsene things.. but it is implyed that kitty (spike) got ran over....and I was sad..
 — Him

but it is in a playful mood until the last L21
 — Him

but did you want your readers to smile or gasp at the end? Sorry. I'm feeling much too languid this morning. I don't grasp your intention. Is the human in the poem a cat lover or a feline-torturer ( or both?) Both? See. That's what hurts my heart. The duality of choice.

Have a lovely weekend, Grace. I can't rate this poem. Cognitive Dissonance.
 — borntodance

This is kind of disturbing.
 — unknown

The person is the cat's owner. I wanted the readers to feel sad for the owner because of all the times that the owner bitched at the cat, and it all ended because a car hit and killed the cat.
 — Him

Ha, thank you. I pat myself on the back to say that I have disturbed an entertained with the same peice of work.
 — Him

Funny, because I titled my work ODE... like he is the only one that has ever used that word in a title.... ha ..I do..
 — Him

ok the owner is harsh  for even saying they would throw the kitty in the road... chill out it's just a cat!!!
 — daffy

I'm sorry but i dont really like this...doesnt really seem like poetry to me.
 — homeless

Have you read the first one? I could have sworn she called me a bitch. Because if you did you would see a little lighter background and kinda be okay with the verbal abuse that the owner uses.

And for the record, I would never throw my cat in the road. I feel like it from time to time but I couldn't do it. haha  ... ew.... it sounds like I am in love with my cat.. hahah gross..

Also for the record, I am not in love with my cat.

So did the low rating come from Daffy or did it come from homeless. I mean, it doesn't matter. It's just I am curious.. which one actually thought it deserved a one. Probably homeless.. because they said that they didn't think it was poetry..

But one must ask themselves, What is poetry? and How do you poetry? It's not the answers that will intrique you, it is the question.

Dear Homeless,

Why poetry? What poetry? Where poetry? When poetry? How poetry?

You see the insitro..... OKAY!! IM SHITTIN YOU.... hahah but thats kind of funny right? I mean.. doesn't everybody on this site say stuff like that... genius

Love, the low rate reciever,
 — Him

I feel like this intends to be comical but falls rather flat, in the same vein as those "so what about airline food" cracks.

It also does not strike me as differing from prose in any discernible fashion.

Pardon the vocabulary, it's 1:28 AM.

 — Bombazine

WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!! No no I am joking. ha, so what if i like airline food.
You know what is cool, we are on the same time line.. because it is 1:52am right now.. hahaah COOL... well..

I really wish you would read the other poem.. I have suggested it a million times.. and no one looks at it... its like.. ummmm...whatever.. I mean, it couldn't hurt to just look at the poem.

 — Him

I have read the other poem. I actually took your hint in the title and read it before I even read this one.

 — Bombazine

This is my relationship with my cat, whether it is humourous or not. Sorry it could not be as enjoyable as I intended.
 — Him

who is bandit? Was it mentioned in the Cloner Poem ( poem that inspired this one)?
sit down and listen to me, Him. Please. Lines 14-15. Very bizarre attitude. My compelling question: Torturer or lover?  Verdict: Both   Response: Hmmmmmm

 — unknown

I thought the first one was cute. The second one, though, in my mind, was trying to play up on the cuteness of the first and subsequently failed.

 — unknown

Okay I will take off those lines, I know that is kind of gross.. ahahah

Well, thank you for you comment, I love my kitty, I hate that this poem was not enjoyable. Oh and bandit is my dog.

 — Him

wild story. but i like it. the structure is so unstructured i can't help but laugh along the punching lines.
 — listen

I see you have an intrest in my old style formats. It's neat that you commented on more than just one of my poems.
 — Him

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