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Percussions of a Lebanese Funeral

Mouths, open mouths close mouths from lungs
that grow teeth and chew torso, and torso
that grinds heart, and heart
that chokes blood into death water,
and death dreams, and death that begets
blackness of dyes, that which covets light
and sinks silence.  
Possessed with insane denial that bends steel,
that cage the eyes of innocence clean
to inferno,
that echoes in rising crescendo, wailing remorse,
requiem for the self ripped clothes,
plucked buttons and hair,
white and grey hair in air,
and self slapping on floors and concrete and
scrapped knees, and suspension, for self
mired around his picture,
his adorned in gold and floor and flowers
and raw tribal animalistic rage of a denial
that journey the infinite; Mother.

13 Mar 06

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rated + will revisit to comment. Brilliant. sadness a shadow of the sun/son.

g (in) m
 — unknown

The  rituals of mourning accompany/clash with the unbearable ache of mind and heart. Every detail captured.

 — borntodance

thank you luv!

 — unknown

Brilliant , vivid , sad. A black celebration of sorrow and loss.  
 — unknown

love L19 and L20. The images were so powerful , I felt I was watching it with my own eyes.
 — davadzi

thanks - now you get to watch it live
 — crepaway