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light blue cover

may anne called
me up out of the blue
only to ask if she might
read a thousand years
of solitude
laying on my couch
of course i said
but of course
i couldnt put my finger on it
and i havent seen it since

3 Mar 06

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whenever i move in with a man his bookshelf sinks.

bet this is hank too.

this poem i love.
 — bettalpha

close by umm. 2 letters. give or take some letters which aren't umm. h&k.

now i'm gone
 — bettalpha

haha nice. a suggestion. but what couldnt you put your finger on in line 9?
 — monarch

uhh cancel the 'a suggestion' out of that last message, no suggestions, its perfect :)
 — monarch

my copy of 'cien anos de solidad' cover isn't light blue but i bet may anne looks good in that color. notice that the english speakers added nine hundred years to the title, that's a long time for may anne to be on your sofa and i'm sure you could get there by then.
 — hank

actually i think gnormal biffed the title--it should be 'one hundred'

either that or i missed themeaning.

nice poem
 — root

average poem. 1000 is not funny. laying should be lying. sloppy work.
 — unknown

nothing is intended to be funny per se.
laying should be laying.
sloppy reading.
 — gnormal

there is a zen-ness to your poetry, that always gets me
thank god for the gnormal
 — onklcrispy

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