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oh thai hog-nosed bat

oh thai hog-nosed bat
smallest flying mammal in the world
being only 1.2" long
and weighing a mere 1.8g
well smaller are you
than many insects and snails
who might gather
for a short drink of your milk

24 Feb 06

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oh flying fox
the largest flying mammal in the world
being a massive 17.7" long
and weighing a hefty 3.5lbs

with a  wingspan of an impressive 5.7ft
well larger are you
than many birds and beats
who might gather
to share your fruity feasts
 — unknown

ahem - oops... beasts
 — unknown

im jetlagging fiercely
sleepless since landing yesterday
just had my toes painted white
while watching gloria on tv
declaring a state of emergency
thoughout the country
people are playing guitar
messaging each other
watching themselves gather
on tv
atmospheric pressure has dropped
the sky is purple
and im laughing my ass off
thank you!
 — gnormal

good words here. and here. and here.
 — bettalpha

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