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leave me

last night I dreamed of you
again- I had let my thoughts slip;
in the morning
why can't you just
leave me,
leave me,
leave me
be - still,
it's been a while now
still, your shadow lurks
up behind me
in my dreams
I almost kissed you,
tasted the forbidden fruit -again,
almost held you
why can't you just
leave me
do you follow me
still, in my dreams
when I just want you
to leave me
I hate this -stop
I never said I wanted
these memories;
making me remember
all I want
when I try to unravel the strings
of the spider's web
stop-I never wanted you
why can't you
following me
in my dreams
  I want you
to leave me
  the color of your eyes
to leave me
  the way your hands felt when we touched
to leave me
  the sweet smell of your skin
to leave me - finally
leave me
now; just
you're just
a friend
don't give me those looks
those words
I want you
to go - away
now; finally
leave me
leave me
leave me.

2 Feb 06

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I think 61 should be love me! don't you?
 — starwars

would be a great change... as starwars suggests.
nice poem.
 — unknown

  tease me ? **** number 61 i mean
 — unknown

hey guys... interesting comments...thanks
the fact that "leave me" is repeated so many times is meant to show how it's meaning can change...or  how another word like "love" or "tease" would actually fit better...and yet it reads "leave me"
 — sparrow

You got yourself a serious soul tie.  Break that and they'll leave you.  
 — Scotty-Boy

hey scotty boy... here's a question: how can you break a soul-tie? and is not a characteristic of a "soul-tie" that that it is unbreakable?
i wonder...
 — sparrow

Soul ties are spiritual and very persistent.  They certainly can be broken.  How can you break a soul tie?  Through prayer... I am a Christian - I would loose it and bind it by taking authority over it then break it in Jesus' name.  Simple really!

 — Scotty-Boy

WOW~WoW~ i can truely say i love this one! i totally feel this way. this is amazing. i feel you wrote about how i feel now. amazing. i'm just connecting with this poem. great work!
 — cindy28

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