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There Is Nothing Alive

There is nothing alive
but butterflies
fluttering above tombstones.
Honeybees dig death,
goth girls smile
when razor blades
cut deep into the skin
of permanent failure.
              By Uriah Hamilton

14 Jan 06

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The exclamation point is unnessacary and takes away from it a bit. I think the first line could be the title, and you could do away with the current L1.
 — Erowen

This is so true. Everything does die!
 — unknown

Failures are temporary. Giving up is what makes them permanent. It was once said to me that you cannot always change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. I would love to see you try to write something a little less dark. But in these few short verses, you have spoken volumes. Well done.
 — marionette

woah thats deep!
i like it
short sweet(maybe not too sweet), and to the point!
 — fahrenheit

I like your style, you say alot with few words.
 — skinnyJon

Deep?  It is just another razor blade and blood poem.  Good LORD, bing bing bong is starting to look really good right now.
 — unknown

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