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Her bare feet on the winter ground
turned red, a raw heartwrenching red
her toes curled beneath,
breath frozen in mid sentence
The stars were beautiful
she'd never seen quite a display of heaven
It's a shame she never believed in heaven
or even hope
She pulled her jacket tighter
or what was left to keep her warm
She would do anything for love tonight
the innocent love
The kind that mothers give their children
when they fall down and skin their knees
Streetlights weren't even on yet
but no one even cared
she could suffer, even die on that street
and no one would know
She did die on that street
as her heart finally stopped believing
in all miracles, in all faith
god would never know her name...

don't it make you sad to know that life, is more than who we are...

28 Dec 05

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heart-warming :(
 — FrayedSkirt

line (15) streetlights
 — turtlepoet

This is beautiful
 — madderhatter

7-8 and 20-21 are kinda opposing don't you think?
beautiful poem otherwise.
consider leaving out 7-8.

what if she believed in god and had faith but no hope? how does that work?
 — unknown

i don't know if it makes me sad. i'm just glad that i know life is more than who we are.
 — unknown

thank you all for your comments, they are very much appreciated.
 — LostWaves

hey maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

i came

i came again

i hate de foogin goo goo dolls

is dat a quote?


 — unknown

Beautiful and sad. The repeated "even" in lines 15,16 & 17 bothered me a bit. Lovely overall. Futility...the sense it left me with.
 — Nostalgia

This is sad...life is definitely more than who we are and to believe anything else is ignorant.

good job :p
 — nightengale

really special. Line 22 is very weak though, and takes from the poem, makes it a bit pathetic. Cut that and I'd give it a ten, good choice of words and the story is touching.
 — bleach

why is it called name, should it not be nameless?!
 — bleach

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