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Hue Man

A colorful
machine vibrant and

where is its mother?

22 Dec 05

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Clever pun on human. The last line is superb. In its own way, the entire line is a verb in itself, as though to represent the idea that we now have to find the origin of this creature ....

Enough babbling. This is good. Leaves a lot to the imagination, which I like.
 — Opinion

i don't understand this poem.  it sounds cool though.  (;
 — ducktape

ducktape and opinion, thanks.
 — listen

did you mean violet or violent? And if you meant "violet", could you please explain why?
 — unknown

violet, only because it sounds well with vibrant.
 — listen

I would change violet, in that case, to violent
 — unknown

unknown, thank you.
 — listen

I think this is wonderful, truly. Very spare + striking.
 — unknown

 — listen

That was a clever little pun. I like it. I even like the last part about "where is its mother?" Good referring to the human as "it". I like it.
 — MrChris

mother is a good choice considering the options
father would instantly bring down the thump of the bible
as would creator
mother allows for some cool interpretations (especially violent nature) and somehow seems softer -- nice contrast to the vibrant and violent
many would title their poem "Hue Man", thinking what a clever play on words they just came up with, and not really explore the hue...

nifty poem
 — chuckles

i like the niftyness of your comment. i like your interpretation.

thanks for reading.
 — listen

Your title begs for something much more clever and worthwhile than this. I'm sure with a bit of though you can do much, much better.
 — unknown

i completely agree with you. this poem has been flirting with a rewrite and a more qualified poem seems to be coming into perspective. thanks for your honesty, you've motivated me to write something more, as i knew this poem needed, but that message has sunk into me with your comment.

thanks again.
 — listen

this is amazing. please write a book. a color book.
 — unknown

i will extend. thanks.
 — listen

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
 — unknown

I Adore it, bravo!
 — BrokenJoke

well done.
 — unknown

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