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Lost at Sea

I was lost, and it mattered; this sea was no man.
Unaccustomed to myself, newly unfit for love,
I buoyed for the lengthy voyage of a life alone.
Well I threw the sailors overboard;
their abandoned masses dropped through meniscus.
The things which remained were enough to sustain.
And the gulls hawed in foreign tongues
at the pirate ghosts sleeping on the lookout.
I am lost. It doesn't matter. This sea will carry
me in currents until I am barnacled and gray
and my beams split apart at the knots.


3 Dec 05

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my thoughts exactly with a twist on lost at sea---foot.not needed

self mire with voice

 — unknown

I really like this. A little sad, but cute, too.
 — hemothymia

 — crepaway

I confess I am a little confused by your comment, crepaway.
 — Ananke

sorry--thanks for killing the foortnote...

 — unknown

The word love be used sparingly, carefully, as it's been so over used in poetry.  When you use it in line 2, you prematurely give away the metaphor.  
You might consider a comma after well in l4.
It seems to me that the order in which things occur come in an unusual order.  You are speaking of being alone before you threw the sailors overboard.
I especially enjoyed lines 7-10.
 — housepoppy

fucking beautiful
 — zazza

I like this poem more now I've heard it spoken. Fabulous.
 — Rousseau

'this is' beautiful
 — zazza

wow this is beautiful.  it sounded like heaven when you read it aloud.  awesome jorb, ananke!  (;

 — ducktape

nicely written. good endings of each line, rhythm of its own.
 — listen

Ananke, I still love this poem - it is read wonderfully, and the words seem to fit perfectly. great write! 10
 — Esoteric