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The Teddy Bear Maker

Are you sitting comfortably children?
Then I'll begin...........
Once upon a time far, far away
by a lake in the dark, dark forest,
lived Teddy Bear Maker,
who stitched and sewed spare cloth
and hose to make picnic teddies
with brown button eyes and retro clothes.
He knitted glades and woods which
he threaded round the forest's edge
and painted them in dappled sunlit shade.
There they all sat, drinking Campari
with ice and lemonade.
One day, as one days go, an old lady passed by.
"Something old, something borrowed ,
something new ," she cried, and in exchange
for pork soaked in brine, she gave him
a fine pile of black shiny cloth that crackled to the touch,
buttons big and wide, coloured deep as the dark.
To this day he can't explain that wierd compulsion
which drove him to make a teddy
from those strange black scraps,
sewing on the buttons that glowed
and lowered like a thunderous sky.
He left him overnight by the swan filled pond,
where a gondola floated
in sight of neat teddy bear houses
where trousies and vests fluttered in tidy rows
along the water's edge.
That night his dreams were disturbed,
full of screaming cloth bears
and wrecked picnic baskets.
When he returned next day
his eyes beheld a terrible sight.
Gondola sunk, washing dunked in the pond,
houses burned to the ground, swans upturned,
trees hacked down and one thousand teds
with red staring eyes, who turned
when  they heard his foot
crack a twig, advancing forward,
backing him up against his home and...........
Goodnight children, story concludes tomorrow, sleep tight.

15 Nov 05

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Wow!  If only the last line were just a bit stronger!  This is a wonderful tale for the grown up Teddy lover.

 — Isabelle5

L8 maybe "with those brown buttoned eyes", L20sp "weird" Interesting piece I have to say. It was a wonderful story with lovely imagry. Perhaps L1 should be an introduction? or maybe italicized to add a better effect? the last line, is a bit off. It's just the arranging of the words, also if you are going to end like that, should you capitalize the "Goodbye?" maybe add in "Goodnight my children, for the story continues tomorrow, sleep tight." hm..just a though..good nonetheless.
 — Gabriella

wow. this is scary from the title, since near where i live there used to be a woman with her husband who made teddy bears and sold them. but one day she went crazy, and killed her husband, but not forgetting to put up a sign "sorry, shop closed today" or similar.

or maybe a teddy bear did it and framed her?
 — inutile

Wow, I love teddy bears and I love this poem. Maybe I could tell it to little kids for real and see their reaction. Lol. I am so evil.... (favoritized)
 — lonelygirl

A story maybe…poem, no.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I guess you must be the sort of person who replies to all their correspondance in rhyming couplets.

Larry Barry Lark Bark
 — unknown

I tried staring a teddy out once.... it won. I was reading and longing for a little smoother ryhme but having read it again i'm not sure. Nice subject, great work.  
 — hobby

OK Isabelle,I'll give you the last line from and,it is...and ripped him to bits with their vampire fangs ,leavin his flesh hanging in shreds then they fell into line and the swine of a leader said "Now for Isabelle 5,she soon won't be alive." Only joking dear,glad you took the time and trouble to read

Larry no mirrors Lark
 — larrylark

Just a question larrylark but did my teddy bear poem inspire you to write this? Anyway just wondering because... I don't know. Again, I like this poem/story a lot.
 — lonelygirl

interesting story. i really like the way your wrote this.
 — listen

Hi Lonelygirl

I read many things but my source of inspiration for this one was an advert on TV with strange looking stitched up cloth figured trying to persuade me to by conditioner for clothes.

Lasst spinning round Lark
 — larrylark