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He flapped his wings
and was gone...
into the night
The bitch black night
The unfaithful bitch, black night
He flew over the usual stuff;
rooftops, church spires
deserted shopping centres
occasional cars, stragglers
rag tagellers, disheveled
revellers, marauding
muggers, perverted
buggers, underage
fuggers and cold
cheating slags
On and on ...
Over fields and rivers
Hills and dales
On and on...  
till dawn
The bitch beautiful dawn
The unfaithful bitch, beautiful Dawn
texted her sobbing shame, and begged
him return with a merciful heart
a pint of milk and a
small brown loaf.

10 Nov 05

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you made me thrummm

 — unknown

This poem is great. I really like the alliteration and "cockeyed" rhyme scheme. Ah, this treats me.
 — Doulos

Wow LOL I love it. Can you send me a pair of underpants i can wear outside my trousers.

Larry man on a mission Lark
 — larrylark

thrummms up or down K?
thanks a lot, D & L, glad you enjoyed, but a lark in underpants would be just plain cockarsed.

cheers :)
 — unknown

 — unknown

great use of swearing words,
fantastic poem
 — photobooth

If this rhymed you'd be on to something. 2/10
 — Henry

Ta for comment, p.  Glad you liked.
Ta for bumping this up again, H.
 — unknown

 — listen

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